About Us

Welcome to Tribxtech

Where we strive to enhance your mobile experience. We offer products that will keep you connected to the world and the people you love 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our products are designed to become one with you; ensuring that our products are high quality, minimal, and stylish.

Who we are

Tribxtech was founded by a father-son duo dedicated to making the lives of people who utilize our products simpler. We realized that we were carrying so much around with us. For example, phone, wallet, keys, ear-pods/headphones, sunglasses, etc. We wanted to carry less and simplify our lives by consolidating the amount of accessories that we carried everyday. This desire led us to search for products which could simplify our lives. 

What We Do Differently

In order for a product to make it onto the store, it undergoes testing by us (the founders of Tribxtech) and some select few we host in a private testing session. If the product does not meet our expectations or meet our simplicity standard, the product is discarded. This way you can be assured that only quality products are sold and developed at Tribxtech, ensuring that you and our products are better together.

We gladly welcome you to be a part of our journey.